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Lapierre backyarder evaporator

By | 14.10.2020

Our handcrafted equipment has been internationally recognized for its artistry, intelligent design and ingenuity. Evaporators - The Trader Classifieds4x10 maple syrup evaporator Selling a 5x10 Raised Flue pan with steam hood pre heater.

Successful acre maple farm and home built in in the foothills Maple syrup flat pan evaporator and tips - YouTubeFlat pan boiling can be a challenge when it is time to pull it off the fire.

Even greater with a large full pan of hot heavy syrup or going at it alone. Maple syrup flat pan evaporator and Lapierre Backyarder 19"x36": mapleguys.

Includes: 19" x 36" stainless flat bottom pan with three compartments, sap inlet fitting, arch, grates and base stack. Leader Evaporator - the maple syrup industry's maple sugar Leader Evaporator is your go to place for all maple syrup supplies and questions.

Buy your maple sugaring supplies and equipment from the best in the industry!

lapierre backyarder evaporator

Our store in Wilton, New Hampshire is fully stocked and open year round. Made from 20 gauge stainless steel. Home ; Reader Contributions It takes about square inches of pan Covers for Glass Bottles; All used pans are Sold As Is!

We do not water test them for leaks. Bascom Maple Farms, Inc. Boiling pan. Maple syrup pan. Evaporator pan. Many names. We can build one for you. Tig welded.Lines we carry: We carry CDL equipment, tubing, mainline, fittings. Supplies for the backyarder and professional. Lines we carry: Complete line of wholesale maple products. All products available either with our label or unlabeled so you can promote your own business.

Lines we carry: We manufacture custom syrup barrels and sap tanks for your custom application. New 4, sq. Open year round.

Lines we carry: New store opening in ! Lines we carry: We make and repair maple syrup and sugaring equipment! We will custom build anything you need at very competitive prices. North Manchester, IN Phone: E-mail Visit Website. Bilodeau, E-mail. Box Wolverine, MI Phone: Sugar Bush Supplies Co. Temple, NH Phone: Jaffrey, NH Phone: Sunnyside Maples Inc. Glens Falls, NY Phone: Phone: All products available either with our label or unlabeled so you can promote your own business E-mail Visit Website.

East Concord, NY Phone: Black River, NY Phone: Keim Address: Dover Rd. Gilead, OH Phone: Willard, OH Phone: Chardon, OH Phone: Waymart, PA Phone: Johnsbury, VT Phone: Barton, VT Phone: Albans, VT Phone: On average, a single maple tree will produce enough sap to make a quart of maple syrup. If you only have a few maples in your yard, it hardly makes sense to invest in a full sized sugaring arch.

There are plenty of safe and efficient ways to boil maple syrup without a big investment. Adding that much steam to your house is a sure recipe for mold. I know, it seems tempting. I was tempted.

Layout 2 - Les Équipements Lapierre

We tried it one year and a few weeks later the wall of a cool upstairs closet grew a mold monster roughly as large as my silhouette. Not pretty, and never again. Beyond that, your primary boil needs to happen outdoors. Take a look at these instructions for finishing and canning maple syrup for details.

The most popular method used to make backyard maple syrup is the turkey fryer method. We were able to make half a gallon of syrup on a single pound propane tank.

Besides the cost, you get the satisfaction of knowing this syrup came from your yard. Just stack the blocks and add a few steam table pans to hold the maple sap. Some friends of ours made 11 gallons of syrup last year on a cinder block evaporator, so you can really work these things to produce substantial amounts of syrup. Making maple syrup on an indoor wood stove has the same drawbacks as making syrup on your stovetop, too much moisture in the house. A simple metal box that you fill with fire will just about do it.

With basically 6 months of winter here in Vermont, we never get around to building summer luxuries. Someday I want an outdoor masonry grill to serve as a summer kitchen, but we never quite get around to it. But realizing that a masonry grill can be used as a sugaring arch in the winter and early spring might add a bit of extra motivation.

Not only are they beautiful, but you can also use your backyard fireplace to make syrup. The beautiful outdoor fireplace below is used by Susan at learning and yearning to boil maple sap each year.

Boiling maple sap on an outdoor fireplace allows you to use the fireplace during the winter months, and it boils the sap with wood rather than fossil fuels. Picture courtesy of Susan at Learning and Yearning. When we priced out evaporators for our small-scale maple sugaring operationwe actually opted to skip a full-scale traditional evaporator altogether.

Given that, we purchased a barrel evaporator from Vermont Evaporatora local Vermont company based 7 miles from our house. Picture courtesy of Carrie Williams Howe.Log in Registration. Each year, we strive to offer new, innovative and high quality products that meet the demands of Maple Syrup producers.

Always listening to the needs and ideas of our customers, the Lapierre Equipment team has considerable expertise and an attraction for the development and improvement of maple syrup equipment. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products are always our top priorities. We wish you an excellent season. For more information, visit elapierre. Conscious about safety requirements and regulations, Lapierre Equipment Inc.

Canada and USA certification includes all electrical and other components. Lapierre Equipment can modify all brands of R.

HIGH R. Processing sap at 16 Brix or more in a single pass will reduce fuel consumption, drastically resulting in a quick return on investment. If it works so well, why change it? Up to HP high pressure pumps from to gph. Service Centers Complete repair and testing of Lapierre R.

lapierre backyarder evaporator

CNS4 CNS4 SS 6 CNS4 SS 5 This service is offered to all customers regardless of the brand of its membrane. We are always looking for ways to improve the service to our valued customers. Tests will be performed on all membranes sent in for cleaning : The membranes are collected and delivered through our network of dealers without any extra charges. All products used for cleaning membranes are approved for organic production protocols.

lapierre backyarder evaporator

These tests are offered at no extra charge with washing. We can also repair any membrane with damaged fiber glass or end flanges.The creative genius of Donald Lapierre made the success of Lapierre equipment. Back then, it was a new concept to use a vacuum pump to increase sap yields. The only releasers available were those used for milking; they worked with electricity only and were not adapted to the maple industry at all.

Donald was a mechanics teacher in a high school at the time. The first Lapierre sap releasers prototypes of were made of steel; they were sensible to freezing and not resistant enough for high vacuum. InDonald had the idea to use plastic as an alternative to metal.

This new material gave strength, ease of cleaning and resistance to corrosion to Lapierre sap releasers. It then became the material of choice for this application and is still in use today.

THE BARREL - Lapierre 24''x 36'' (3 compartments)

Between andthousands of units were manufactured to keep up with an unprecedented boom in the maple syrup industry, which contributed to the recognition and prosperity of our entrepreneur. Inhe decided to form a corporation; Lapierre Equipment Inc.

Besides the maple equipment, Donald also manufactured material intended for honey production.

Lapierre Waterloo Small Barrel Evaporator

One of the most rewarding was the invention of an efficient recirculation system to concentrate the maple sap through membranes which he patented in This system became the core of an entire family of R. Hundreds and hundreds of units are in operation today. Sap tanks, water and syrup filters, sap collection systems and a vast array of other products and accessories were added.

Inthe enterprise had the opportunity to purchase Waterloo-Small, an undeniable leader in the industry with its laser and digital equipment. As a result, this acquisition made Lapierre Equipment the biggest maple equipment manufacturer of the industry.

Other key events in the company development :. In parallel to this dazzling rise in the maple industry, Donald Lapierre sets up the biggest sugar bush of the world in Milan Quebec Eastern Townships. With more than taps, this facility is used as a research and development center for Lapierre Equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in maple sap R. We have water treatment systems in operation since many years in Lebel sur Quevillon QcNapierville Qcand soon in the city of Rigaud Qc. Our portefolio also includes several other industrial R. We can design and fabricate a very performing system according to your specifications. Donald Lapierre is also the owner of a jeans tailoring manufacture in St-Ludger de Beauce which hires more than fifty employees. With more than employees now, it is difficult to imagine that Donald Lapierre and his team will stop there.

He always has a new idea in his mind. It seems that everything he touches turns into a success because he puts time and effort into everything, moreover, he really puts his heart into it.

About Us. Business Partners. Contact Us. This stage was crucial for the company as Lapierre then became a full line of equipment manufacturing enterprise. This second manufacturer of maple sap extractors is now part of Les Lapierre Equipment. January Opening of a distribution center in St-Cyprien lower Saint-Laurent With a service and sales counter, a repair workshop as well as a showroom for its equipment, the store offers a complete service to its clientele.

April In St-Ludger de Beauce, creation of a new extrusion plant.Operating instructions for small 18" x 66" Waterloo Small. Before using your evaporator for the first time each year, wash out the inside of the pans with a solution of baking soda and water to remove anything that might have a negative effect on the flavour of the syrup.

Filter & Canning Units

Oberdorfer Pumps and Pieces; Pieces for hand pump filter press; Filters. Cone Filters. Add to cart. My new 2x6 Lapierre Junior - Sugarbush. Since I have only helped a friend sugar for a few years, I'm swamped with trying to get everything ready.

Maple Sugaring Equipment and Supplies 2'x6' Lapierre. Re-designed for an extremely fast boiling rate Lapierre Equipment Maple sugaring equipments Lapierre Equipment, Acericulture, maple sugaring equipments. Home Newsletter. Lapierre Junior R. Lapierre Evaporators.

Lapierre Equipment, a business specialized in the manufacturing of equipment and accessories for the production of maple products and membrane technologies. Lapierre Junior Evaporator - Available from 18"x60" to 24"x Lapierre Equipment Maple sugaring equipments Lapierre Equipment, Acericulture, maple sugaring equipments. Download Brochure. TURBO ll. MENU home about Products case news contact. Low temperature quick freezing chiller Read More. Ceiling refrigeration electric frost cooler Read More.Limited Edition New.

Bricking the Evaporator. Operating the Evaporator. Freight and Shipping. Main Boiling Pan. Preheater Pan. All Valves. Pan Gasket. Ash Hoe. Cast Iron Grate. Arch Stove. We have produced larger equipment in the past, but, with the growing demand for smaller equipment, we have decided to concentrate on that market. All wood-fired evaporators are tig-welded stainless steel. Evaporators can be picked up in Porter, Maine or shipped by truck.

Ask us for trucking rates to your location. More sections, smaller sections, means the syrup moves farther and is made faster. The preheater box is mounted on the stack collar utilizing the stack heat for actual preheating. Preheater Box Float Value. Maintains your preheater sap level as you boil. Can be ordered with your evaporator or after. Perfect size for a. Blower with speed control. Arch Paper Kit. An extra layer of insulation lining the arch stove walls helps protect the arch better than fire brick alone.

The kit is precut, but you can trim to fit with a utility knife if necessary. Line the arch with the paper then brick over it. Website design by Sue Melanson.

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